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Color graphic TFT indicator PGKTW70SDAD1SD and PGKTW70SNCE1E0
 We received samples of color graphic TFT indicators from PiTek PGKTW70SDAD1SD, with capacitive touch panel and PGKTW70SNCE1E0
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LCM (Liquid Crystal) Indicator Samples
 We offer samples of LCM (Liquid Crystal Module) indicators from stock for your new developments. In the future, we can supply such indicators in series.
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Sample COG (Chip On Glass) Indicators
 We would like to offer you samples of COG (Chip On Glass) indicators from stock for your new designs. In the future, we can supply such indicators in series.
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Miniature Graphic OLED Indicator 128x64 0.96 ” I²C
 We would like to offer you an inexpensive graphic OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 64 dots 0.96 inches diagonally with an I²C interface.
 The indicator has a very wide range of applications. Ideal for low power miniature designs and can be used self-made structures, technical creativity, industrial and automotive devices, and more. Software support (drivers) are available for almost all applications, including the popular Arduino boards.
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ESP32-C3-MINI-1-N4 Modules samples with WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0
 Samples of the ESP32-C3-MINI-1-N4 module with WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 are available from our warehouse based on the new 32-bit Espressif microcontroller - ESP32-C3-FN4.
 ESP32-C3 can be a universal solution for use in various fields and applications where WiFi and Bluetooth are required, as well as the main computing core. These are smart home systems and IoT devices, POS terminals, industrial automation systems, robotics, etc.
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NAU7802 control via I2C interface
Nuvoton offers an Application Code for the M031 series microcontroller to control the NAU7802 via an I2C interface. This example contains setup code, ADC conversion start code, and result read code.
 The NAU7802 is a two-channel, 24-bit analog to digital converter (ADC) that can be used for audio applications, electrical scales, or industrial control.
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32-bit microcontroller ESP32-S2FH4 from Espressif
 Currently, there is a crisis in the world for the supply of widely used microcontrollers.
 Many controllers have disappeared from sales, or manufacturers' delivery times have increased to 52 weeks or more, and there is a widespread increase in component prices. However, it's not all that bad.
 Espressif has remained in a relatively stable situation with supplies and prices.
 We suggest considering for your devices a high-performance 32-bit microcontroller ESP32-S2FH4
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