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Ariose Electronics Co., Ltd is a reliable, well-developed and professional manufacturer of electronic acoustic products, providing buzzer, speaker, microphone, piezoelectric ceramic elements and so on. Founded in 1996 and has devoted in the acoustic field for more than 20 years. Our products are widely applied to automotive device, Medical instrument, and home appliances.
Sim Technology Group Limited: SIM Technology Group Limited ("SIMCom" or "SIM Technology") is the leading mobile communication and Internet of Things developer in China and one of the leading manufacturers in the world.SIM800C and SIM800H are known around the world as best-in-class M2M and IoT modules.
Fuzetec Technology: Fuzetec Technology is the worldwide leader in overcurrent protection. With the most advanced Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) conductive polymer technologies, FUZETEC TM offers a wide variety of Polymeric PTC resettable fuses to fulfill the needs of modern demanding high-tech applications.
Raystar Optronics: Raystar Optronics are one of the leading display providers of monochrome character LCD modules, graphic LCD modules, alphanumeric LCD panel & TFT modules. Raystar provide a wide portfolio of small-medium size LCD, TFT, and OLED modules for a variety of industrial and consumable application (COG).
Shenzhen Crystal Technology Industrial: SJK is a best-in-class quartz crystal, oscillator, filter, resonator and SAW devices. SJK products are widely applied in the field of computer, communication, GPS, Bluetooth etc.
Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic: Hongfa is the leading relay manufacturer in China and one of the leading relay suppliers and manufacturers in the world. Hongfa products include relays, HV/LV devices, precision parts, automatic production, etc.
Espressif Systems: Espressif Systems is a world-leading Internet-of-Things company. They built the widely popular ESP8266 and ESP32 chips. Company has an innovative team of chip-design specialists, software/firmware developers and marketers. Espressif Systems is committed to providing the best IoT devices and software platforms in the industry.
RFID: The brand representing a group of manufacturers of the various components of radio frequency identification systems. The wide product range includes lot of tags, readers and writers with various designs and different standards (Em-Marine 125kHz, the Mifare 13.56 MHz, ICode 13.56 MHz, UHF), as well as cards combining the technology of storing information in the magnetic stripe (LoCo or HiCo) and contactless identification technology (Radio Frequency Identification).
Rayex Electronics: Rayex Electronics are one of the leading relay manufacturers (30’000’000 / year). Rayex Electronics provide "best in class" relays, especially, if you are interested in low price solution.
HOPERF Micro-electronics Co., Ltd., established in 1998 year, is a national level hi-tech enterprise specialized in wireless radio frequency and sensor field through cultivation over the years, it has developed into the domestically first intact industry chain group company integrating ASIC chip design, MEMS sensor chip design, package test calibration technique and application services.
Shenzhen Trxcom Electronics: The manufacturer specialized on high-quality RJ-45 connectors with integrated transformers and a set of various inductors.
Shenzhen Xingke Professional Li-Ion Battery: XKTD focused on industrial-grade Li-Ion batteries for Embedded devices. You can find a wide portfolio of Li-Ion batteries with different voltages, capacities and packages.
Aplus Integrated Circuits: The unique company that manufactures chips for sound recording and playback. The high sound quality and ease of use are the goals suitable for any developer.
Astron Technology: A well-known and popular manufacturer of SIM-card holder, SD-card, various jacks and connectors. Astron Products is a leader in components for advanced GSM/CDMA/3G M2M electronic devices.
Jinchang: JC Antenna Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in high-frequency GPS/GLONASS/GSM/WIFI antenna manufacturing, engaged in antenna industry for 28 years. The products included GPS/GLONASS active and passive antenna, 2G/3G/4G/GSM antenna, WIFI/Bluetooth antenna.
Blaze Display Technology Co. Ltd., since 1982, is one of the earliest professional LCD displays Researchers, Designers and Manufacturers in China
PITEK Display: Provides the worldwide market with cost effective and high quality OLED Module Displays
Hitano: Specializes in the expert production of MLCC and marketing of all kinds of passive components, discrete components and protection devices
Ningbo Nenshi Communications Equipment: A company specialized in the production of components for wired communication - cross equipment, professional installation tools and lightning protection modules.
Pairui Fuantronics: One of the largest manufacturers of transformers, chokes, inductors, ferromagnetic frames and cores, the part of Pairui Group. It focuses on the cutting-edge manufacturing technology, high products quality and stable competitive prices.
Atom Corporation: Manufacturer of high-quality holders for SIM / microSIM / SD / microSD cards. A wide model range and custom design are available for developer.
Easttop Display: Easttop Display focused on display production. Easttop provide a wide portfolio of "Black and White" (TN, STN, FSTN) and "Color" (TFT and OLED) character and graphics displays. Custom build projects (COG) are also welcome.
Smart Design Technology: Smart Design Technology Co., Ltd.(SDC) was established by a group of professional managers and senior engineers whom were familiar with GPS and wireless communication field. Now SDC design, manufacture (via EMS) and sell a series of the advanced technology products: GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth modules for communication, multimedia systems and car navigation solutions.
KHD: KHD is one of the world's largest industrial distributors of electronic parts, enterprise computing and storage products and embedded subsystems, creating a vital link in the technology supply chain. The one of mainstream production lines is antennas includes GSM, GPS active and dielectric, GPS+GSM, GPS+GSM+FM, GPS+GSM+WIFI solutions and suited Connector Interface Cables.
Cixi Sanhe Appliance And Plastics Co., Ltd.: Established in 1987, Ningbo Sanhe is located in Cixi, one of the fastest developing coastline cities in Zhejiang Province, China. Ningbo Sanhe - the largest enclosure and electronic terminal manufacturer in Asia with products sold throughout the world. With honest, proactive and professional services, every Sanhe employee is working together to provide customers with advanced, high quality, and high valued products.
Unictron Technologies Corporation: Unictron Technologies Corporation (utc) is a leading provider of antennas, antenna modules and piezoelectric ceramic elements in Taiwan. Two major product groups are antennas and antenna modules for wireless communications and piezo-ceramic elements for devices used in our daily life and various industrial applications.
LCHSTAR: Professional designer and manufacturer of RF modules, offering excellent wireless applications with ASK, FSK, LoRa, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solutions.


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