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About us
Main company activity - delivery of electronic components on the markets of the Baltic States, Europe and the CIS.
 We offer only manufacturer's products and we are distributors and trading partners of ones', that presented here.

Company activity
• delivery and storage for products in licensed warehouse in Tallinn.
• sorting, repacking and shipping requested quantity of products on client's conditions.
• supply and sale required complectation, taking in account duties and taxes.
• technical support for offered products.

For customer
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from 27.10.20 г.


from 27.10.20 г.


GPRS/3G/LTE modules
GPS modules
SIM card holder
Electromechanical relays
Self-healing fuses
Wi-Fi Bluetooth LoRa
Power adapter & Cable USB
Rechargeable batteries
Contact us
Tallinn, Iva 12
Kesklinna linnaosa
Harju maakond
Phones: +372 600 44 49
    Nostris company announces the vacancy of the FAE - Field Application Engineer

        - English — upper intermediate or higher
        - Fluency in Estonian and Russian
        - Accommodation in the city of Tallinn
        - Knowledge of electronics at the developer level.
        - Knowledge of programming languages ​​for microcontrollers is appreciated
        - Ability to justify the choice and to offer a replacement of another manufacturer, to offer an appropriate technical solution.
        - Good social skills, ability and desire to work in a team.
        - Readiness for short-term local and foreign business trips.
        - Experience in technical support of users is desirable.

    Details are provided during the interview.
    Send your CV to the address -

Main news
29.12.21   From January 2022, Nuvoton's MS51FB9AE, M0518LD2AE microcontroller will be available
 Against the background of the general collapse with the supply of microcontrollers, we want to make you a pleasant New Year's surprise.
 Starting in January 2022, the following will be available from the warehouse:
MS51FB9AE – pin and software compatible with the popular microcontroller N76E003AT20!
M0518LD2AE - recommended for new designs.
25.11.21   Battery type 2032 sale
 There are a lot of tools and toys where is been using battery type 2032 .
 Because of coming Christmas propose to you the best prices for this product.
 Manufacturer is XKTD -
07.10.21   Nuvoton ARM Cortex M4 Microcontrollers
 In the hardest time of lack electronic components, we do our best to support you.
 Therefore, if your project is small, and the applied microcontrollers are in short supply, then we suggest considering the 32bit microcontrollers we have from stock with the ARM Cortex M4 architecture from Nuvoton.
 The most popular packages are LQFP-48 and LQFP-64.
17.09.21   SIMCOM webinar
 There is a change of eras and technologies, so the cellular communication of the 2G GSM standard is surviving the last years giving way to the more modern 4G LTE standard.
 Our company has already begun providing samples of new modules to everyone who is interested in 4G LTE.
 And for those who have not yet looked into the future and are still using obsolete technologies, SIMCOM offers to listen to the webinar.
 It will be about the most modern modules of the SIMCOM company and their application in modern developments.
 The webinar will take place on 22 Sept. 2021 at 10:00.
 Registration for the webinar is available at the link:
10.09.21   FUZETEC expands its range of self-resetting fuses
 The FUZETEC company, of which we are official distributors, is expanding its assortment with a new series of self-resetting fuses with higher technical characteristics:
 The new FUZETEC series of self-resetting fuses - FSMDH, is designed for products with high component density.
 Faster response times compared to conventional SMD fuses.
 Lower intrinsic resistance.
 Extended operating temperature range: -40 ° C to 125 ° C