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Single board computers NuMaker Tomato from the company Nuvoton
 In stock are available single-board computers NuMaker Tomato from Nuvoton company based on 32-bit processor ARM926EJ-S NUC976DK62Y with an operating frequency of up to 300 MHz
 RAM - 64MB DDR2, microSD slot with the ability to install Linux boot image on a card. There are 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and 2 x USB 2.0 high-speed hosts with support for Web cameras, USB drives, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters.
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Microcontroller N76E003T20 in a miniature case SSOP-20
 High-performance microcontroller N76E003T20 in a miniature case SSOP-20 (4mm x 6.5mm) at an extra low price is already in stock!

 The core is 1T-8051;
 12bit ADC - 8 channels;
 UART (2x), I2C, SPI;
 16bit timer - 4x;
 Built-in 16MHz generator;
 Built-in 10kHz generator;
 Ultra-low power consumption (6μA in sleep mode);
 Range of supply voltage: 2.4..5.5V;
 Operating temperature range: -40 .. 105°C.
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Lithium-thionyl chloride batteries
 Small-sized wireless sensors with battery power becoming more and more popular.
 And one of the most important parameters is long operating time from one battery.
 Therefore, in addition to the supplies that are already available, we are beginning to supply lithium-thionyl chloride batteries.
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Release of the new OLED indicator
 Raystar announces the release of a new miniature 1.54 "OLED display REX012864A
 Detailed description on the manufacturer's website:
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Fuzetec expands the range of SMD fuses
 We are informing you that Fuzetec is expanding the range of miniature SMD self-healing fuses with the FSMD series components in the 2016 package.

 We offer samples from the warehouse:
 FSMD030-2016-R - Self-healing fuse (PolySwitch), transmission current 0.3 A, operating current 0.6 A, operating voltage 60 V, Pb Free
 FSMD150-2016-R - Self-healing fuse (PolySwitch), current passing 1.5 A, operating current 3A, operating voltage 15 V, Pb Free
 FSMD200-2016-R - Self-healing fuse (PolySwitch), current passing 2.0 A, operating current 4.2A, operating voltage 6 V, Pb Free
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COG indicators RDX0120
COG indicators appear in the warehouse RDX0120

 Resolution 64x32 pixels, interface I²C, dimensions 45.86 x 36 x 2.85 mm
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