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2G modules Lifetime (GSM)
 In connection with the increasing questions about the life of 2G (GSM) modules, we want to inform you that:
 Any manufacturer of modules in the life of their products depends on only one factor - components for the modules. And if it is easy to change the supplier for resistors and other small components, that is, one part that cannot be changed is the chipset.
 As more and more countries are turning off the operation of GSM networks and the profit from the production of these chipsets has fallen significantly, today almost all branded chip makers - Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung, have stopped producing "pure" 2G chipsets.
 Based on practice, after the announcement of EOL 2G chipsets, another year or two manufacturers will be able to work on stocks purchased for customer programs.
 After the stock ends no one will have "pure" 2G modules. Production areas are being freed up for new lines for chipsets for 4G and 5G devices. Based on the lifespan of the chipsets, which are precisely known to the manufacturers of the modules, the lifetimes of the modules are declared. You can read the SIMCOM document on the link. But in short, this is:

 SIM800 to 2021-12-31
 SIM800C to 2022-12-31
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New NuMicro® MS51 Series Microcontrollers Based on 1T 8051 Core
 Nuvoton has released a new series of microcontrollers for industrial applications - NuMicro® MS51 based on the 1T 8051 core with a clock frequency of up to 24 MHz, up to 32 Kbyte Flash memory and up to 2 Kbyte SRAM. High accuracy of a 24 MHz clock is provided with an error of not more than ± 1% and an internal 10 kHz RC generator. Operating voltage range 2.4V ~ 5.5V, operating temperature range - 40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃.
 NuMicro® MS51 microcontroller contains:
  up to 15 channels of a 12-bit ADC with a speed of up to 500 SPS
  up to 12 channels of PWM with independent counters
  I/O ports provide currents up to 20 mA Like all

 Nuvoton products, the microcontroller is resistant to electrostatic - ESD up to 8 kV and pulse interference EFT up to 4.4 kV.
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Nuvoton Offers NUC131 Series Microcontrollers
 Фирма Nuvoton offers NUC131 series microcontrollers that meet the requirements of AEC-Q100 and PPAP Report, for use in automobiles, in applications where CAN and LIN interfaces are required. They also plan to release the NUC131 series microcontrollers for industrial applications at a lower price in the second quarter of 2020.
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Color TFT indicators with touch panel
 Do you want to use a color TFT indicator with a touch panel in your device?
 Management of such an indicator requires large resources of the microcontroller?
 You do not know how to work with modern RGB interfaces?

 Discard all prejudices - we offer for consideration a whole series of SMART-TFT.
 Simple control via a serial interface, ability to install an SD card, a bonus in the form of RTC and buzzer, various screen sizes.
 All this makes SMART-TFT indispensable in various information systems, control panels requiring remote removal from the main device, in security and telemetry applications, and so on.
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Into New Year with new interface!
Nuvoton has updated the interface of its web page:
Fuzetec added to its page a product search by parameters: (self-healing current fuses)
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2-line LCD indicator with backlight BCB1602-03B-LY-SPTWU-1.0 (3.3V)
 We bring to your attention a 2-line LCD indicator with backlight BCB1602-03B-LY-SPTWU-1.0(3.3V). Manufacturer: BLAZE.
 The power supply for the indicator and backlight is 3.3 Volts.
 The format of the indicator is 2 lines of 16 characters each, contains a Cyrillic character generator.
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ESP32-Azure IoT Kit Debug Card for Cloud Services
 Cloud platforms for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as Microsoft's Azure cloud, Google Cloud IoT, and Amazon's AWS IoT, are being actively developed.
 Espressif does not stand aside and provides software support for the ESP32 chip for working with these services, and for convenience at the hardware level, the ESP32-Azure IoT Kit debugging board is released.
 The heart of the board is the ESP32-WROVER module. For indication, the board has a modern OLED display on a 0.96-inch SSD1306 controller.
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