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Modules WROOM-02 and WROOM-32 with the ability to connect an external antenna!
ESPRESSIF company has supplemented the commercially available WROOM-02 and WROOM-32 modules with versions with the possibility of connecting an external antenna. Modules within the series are pin-compatible.
 For more information, please contact our specialists.
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WiFi / BT / MCU modules ESP32
 Our warehouse received WiFi / BT / MCU ESP32 (ESP-WROOM-32) modules from Espressif and debugging cards to them (ESP32-DevKitC).
 Extensive peripherals (GPIO, UART, SPI, SDIO, I2C, LED PWM, Motor PWM, I2S, IR, Touch Sensor, ADC, DAC, SD card) and built-in stacks (IPv4, IPv6, SSL, TCP / UDP / HTTP / FTP / MQTT) will help you develop an IoT device in a short time, and a low price will allow you to compete successfully in the market!
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Remote 2G / 3G antenna JCG101-10m
 Once again on our warehouse there are remote outdoor 2G/3G antennas with increased gain.
 The JCG101-10m antennas will become indispensable helpers when operating your cellular devices in conditions of poor reception or at the edge of the operator's coverage area.
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Samples of lithium-thionylchloride batteries are available for the order
 Good power suppliers are a guarantee of reliable and long operation of your devices.
 Therefore, we inform you that samples of lithium-thionyl chloride batteries of various capacities are available for the order.
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Logic Analyzer Nuvoton - NU-BRIDGE
 The Nuvoton Technology Nu-Brige logic analyzer can be used as two additional COM ports.
 Logic analyzer NU-BRIDGE is available for the order
 Communication with the computer is via USB interface
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Evaluation/development kit NT-N76E003
 We would like to offer you an evaluation/development kit NT-N76E003
 The debug card for the N76E003 microcontroller allows you to shorten the development time and make it easier to write the program before the prototype of the device being developed. The NuTiny-N76E003 board connects to the user's computer via a USB port.
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Exhibition "Embedded World 2017" in Germany
 Company Nuvoton at Embedded World 2017 in Germany has announced the new M480 series microcontroller with ARM Cortex-M4F core, operating clock speed up to 200 MHz and consumption of 175 μA / MHz. The microcontroller supports USB 2.0 interfaces HS / FS OTG and 10 / 100M Ethernet MAC with RMII.
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