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SIMCOM notifies everyone about the extension of the production dates for most versions of 2G modules of the SIM800x series until the end of 2025.
 Please note that these are not the dates of discontinuation, but the dates of the guaranteed production of the specified modules.
 Upon reaching the indicated dates, production may be extended further in some cases.
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 We received notifications from most manufacturers about price increases and delivery times.
 The events of 2020 related to Covid-19 have had a huge negative impact on the business of our industry.
 The entire global semiconductor supply chain is struggling like never before.
 Materials, plate manufacturing, assembly and testing are subject to mutual supply disruptions, either do not have time to meet the extremely high demand for products, since the unpredictable market situation forces many enterprises to purchase materials or products in stock much in advance.
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Microcontroller with WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 with BLE and Long-Range support - ESP32-C3
ESPRESSIF company announced the release of a new 32-bit microcontroller with WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 with BLE and Long-Range support - ESP32-C3
 ESP32-C3 is built on the basis of RISC architecture, operates at frequencies up to 160 MHz, has 400 KB SRAM, 384 KB ROM, 8 KB SRAM, RTC inside.
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    27/10/2020 (Tuesday) at 11:00, Tallinn time(GMT+3), we would like to invite you to the webinar that will be held by Evgenij Rakhno, SIMCom FSE
    27/10/2020 - A new generation of SIMCOM modules A7670x, to replace the 2G series. Additionally NBIoT technology will be covered in the second part of webinar.
    Link to enter the webinar:
    The approximate duration of the webinar is 1 hour, including time for questions and answers.
    Last year we held real-life seminars with SIMCom and Local network operators. Due to well-known circumstances this year we will have to gather with all of you online this time. We are looking forward to have everyone next week.
    Below you can see pictures from last year seminars.
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 A brand-new module from ESPRESSIF - ESP32-S2-WROOM-I - already available to order.
ESP32-S2 can be applied in various fields and applications. These are home automation systems, IoT devices, POS terminals, industrial automation systems, robotics.
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Fuzetec varistors
 The FUZETEC company, of which we are distributors, is expanding its range of products. And we are ready to offer you overvoltage protection components - VARISTORS
 If you are interested in these products, please contact our specialists.
 Link to download the catalog:
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New A7670X
 Although there is still a lot of time before the end of the era of 2G modules, it is worth to start thinking about the future now.
 To facilitate the transition to new standards and minimize costs, we offer you a brand new module 2G (GSM) + 4G (LTE) modules of the CAT1 standard - A7670E and A7670SA
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