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Chip Shortage
 The world continues to flare up the crisis with the supply of electronic components, which has already received its own name - "Chip Shortage".
 The word "shortage" suddenly became a reality for the entire high-tech industry in the world. For a large number of electronic components, delivery times are already in excess of 50 weeks and are continuing to grow.
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ADC from Nuvoton - NAU7802SGI
 We’d like to offer you 2-channel 24-bit ADC from Nuvoton - NAU7802SGI
 This microcircuit is an ideal solution for sensors connected in a bridge circuit. Microcontroller interface - I2C. The case is SOP16.
 Applications: weighing equipment, strain gauges, voltage monitoring, flow meters.
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Technical Documentation for A7682E Modules on ASR Chipset
 Technical documentation is available for the previously announced, brand new promising 2G + 4G module A7682E on the ASR chipset (formerly Marvell), planned to replace the extra popular SIM800C.
 Samples are expected in the summer.
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Samples of microcontrollers of the new M031BT series from NUVOTON
 Samples of microcontrollers of the new M031BT series from NUVOTON are available for orders.
M031BTYD2AN and M031BTYE3AN - Cortex-M0 core + Bluetooth 5.0
 The controllers operate at a frequency of 48 MHz and are made in a compact QFN48 (5 mm x 5 mm) package, which will make it possible to make compact devices.
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Keil MDK Nuvoton Edition development environment
Keil company offers free registration of the Keil MDK Nuvoton Edition - Cortex-M0/M23 development environment including the Arm C / C ++ Compiler for customers who are adopting Nuvoton microcontrollers. Subject to non-commercial use.
 Nostris company is the official distributor of Nuvoton.
Registration link:
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Introducing the brand new module of 2021 - A7682E
 2025, when the time for 2G / 3G networks shutdown comes, seems far away, cellular modules for 2G will be produced until the need for them disappears, however, it is worth thinking about the future transition to 4G (LTE) networks in advance.
 Today we have several proposals of 4G modules for different tasks, but we could not offer anything to replace the super popular SIM800C module.
But technology does not stand still, and therefore we present you the brand new module for 2021!
 Announced a module that maximally matches the dimensions with SIM800C/SIM868E
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New development boards from Nuvoton
 We would like to offer you new development boards NuMaker-emWin-N9H30 and NuMaker-emWin-RDK-N9H30 based on 32-bit Nuvoton N9H processor based on ARM926EJ-S core with a clock speed of up to 300 MHz. The microcontroller is equipped with a 2D accelerator and hardware H.264 video codec. The boards are equipped with a 7.0” TFT indicator with a resolution of 800 X 480 pixels in 16 million colors (24-bit RGB interface). Built-in 16MB DDRII memory. The board has interfaces: USB2.0 HS, USB2.0 HS host, Ethernet, SD, ADC, UART, SPI, I²C, I²S, CAN, RTC… and others.
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