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Dear Nostris Customers!

 Brand new modules from ESPRESSIF - ESP32-S2-WROOM modules and ESP32-S2- WROVER based on the new 32-bit microcontroller with WiFi and USB- ESP32-S2

 These modules are built on a 32-bit microcontroller Xtensa® 32-bit LX7 240 MHz, 320 kB SRAM, 128 kB ROM, 16 KB RTC, 4 MB SPI Flash, in modules ESP32-S2-WROVER 2 MB PSRAM is soldered.

 Hardware part:
  - 43 x GPIO
  - 2 x 12-bit SAR ADCs, 20 channels
  - 2 x 8-bit DAC
  - 14 x touch sensing
  - 4 x SPI
  - 1 x I2S
  - 2 x I2C
  - 2 x UART
  - RMT (TX / RX)
  - LED_PWM, 8 channels
  - 1 x full-speed USB OTG
  - 1 x temperature sensor
  - 1 x DVP 8/16 camera interface
  - 1 x LCD interface (8-bit serial RGB / 8080/6800),
  - 1 x LCD interface (8/16/24-bit parallel)

 Built-in hardware support for cryptographic protocols AES-128/192/256 (FIPS PUB 197), Hash (FIPS PUB 180-4), RSA, Random Number Generator (RNG), HMAC, Digital signature.

 ESP32-S2 can be applied in various fields and applications. These are home automation systems, IoT devices,, POS-terminals, industrial automation systems, robotics. In addition to this, the processing power is enough to capture, process and recognize audio and video.

 To order samples and additional information, please contact our specialists.

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