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Nuvoton ARM Cortex M4 Microcontrollers
 In the hardest time of lack electronic components, we do our best to support you.
 Therefore, if your project is small, and the applied microcontrollers are in short supply, then we suggest considering the 32bit microcontrollers we have from stock with the ARM Cortex M4 architecture from Nuvoton.
 The most popular packages are LQFP-48 and LQFP-64.
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SIMCOM webinar
 There is a change of eras and technologies, so the cellular communication of the 2G GSM standard is surviving the last years giving way to the more modern 4G LTE standard.
 Our company has already begun providing samples of new modules to everyone who is interested in 4G LTE.
 And for those who have not yet looked into the future and are still using obsolete technologies, SIMCOM offers to listen to the webinar.
 It will be about the most modern modules of the SIMCOM company and their application in modern developments.
 The webinar will take place on 22 Sept. 2021 at 10:00.
 Registration for the webinar is available at the link:
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FUZETEC expands its range of self-resetting fuses
 The FUZETEC company, of which we are official distributors, is expanding its assortment with a new series of self-resetting fuses with higher technical characteristics:
 The new FUZETEC series of self-resetting fuses - FSMDH, is designed for products with high component density.
 Faster response times compared to conventional SMD fuses.
 Lower intrinsic resistance.
 Extended operating temperature range: -40 ° C to 125 ° C
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Espressif ESP32-C3-WROOM-2-N4 WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 modules
 We received ESP32-C3-WROOM-2-N4 modules with WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 on the new 32-bit Espressif microcontroller - ESP32-C3-FN4.
 This module is maximally compatible in size and pinout with the widely used ESP-WROOM-02D module, which will allow it to be installed in the same place with minimal changes to the printed circuit board.
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Color graphic TFT indicator PGKTW70SDAD1SD and PGKTW70SNCE1E0
 We received samples of color graphic TFT indicators from PiTek PGKTW70SDAD1SD, with capacitive touch panel and PGKTW70SNCE1E0
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LCM (Liquid Crystal) Indicator Samples
 We offer samples of LCM (Liquid Crystal Module) indicators from stock for your new developments. In the future, we can supply such indicators in series.
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Sample COG (Chip On Glass) Indicators
 We would like to offer you samples of COG (Chip On Glass) indicators from stock for your new designs. In the future, we can supply such indicators in series.
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