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New firmware for SIM800x family of modules supporting MQTT protocol
Dear Clients!

SIMCOM, taking into account the increased need for M2M devices and the wishes of customers, has released a new firmware for the SIM800x family of modules supporting the MQTT protocol.
 The first update received SIM800C24, as the most popular and sought after.
 Other modules from the SIM800x family will receive updates according to SIMCOM plans.

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a simplified network protocol running on top of TCP/IP, for exchanging data on a publisher-subscriber basis.
 The protocol is focused on ease of use, low load on communication channels, work in conditions of constant loss of communication, easy integration into any system.
 The main purpose is to work with telemetry from various sensors, devices, the use of a subscriber template allows devices to get in touch and publish messages that were not previously known or predetermined, in particular, the protocol does not impose restrictions on the format of the transmitted data.

 To obtain a new firmware for SIM800C24, contact our specialists.

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