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Chip Production ESP8285 Series
Dear Clients!

 Espressif launches a new factory for the production of ESP8285 series chips, namely ESP8285N08, ESP8285H08 and ESP8285H16. The ESP8285 chip is fully compatible with the ESP8266 in software and pin layout, but additionally has a built-in flash memory with 1MB or 2MB size esp8285.pdf.
 The chips manufactured at the new plant will have slightly different tolerances for geometric dimensions, which should be taken into account when ordering, if you already have manufactured stencils for chips of the ESP8285 series. More details can be found in the document PCN-03-20190917.pdf
 A complete list of Espressif products is available at espressif_products_ordering_information.pdf

 For more information, contact our specialists.

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