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Samples of lithium-thionylchloride batteries are available for the order
Dear customers of Nostris!

 Good power suppliers are a guarantee of reliable and long operation of your devices.
 Therefore, we inform you that samples of lithium-thionyl chloride batteries of various capacities are available for the order.

 Li-SO2 battery, 3.6V, 2700 mA / h, size - AA, bobbin type (small impulse current)

 Li-SO2 battery, 3.6V, 4000 mA / h, size - A, bobbin type (small impulse current)
 These batteries have hard pins for mounting in a printed circuit board.

 Li-SO2 battery, 3.6V, 19000 mA / h, size - D, bobbin type (small impulse current)

 Li-SO2 battery, 3.6V, 14500 mA / h, size - D, spiral type (large pulse current)
 These batteries are equipped with conductors for connection.

 The documentation for the batteries indicates the different versions of the hard outputs you can order from manufacturer
 Also, it is possible to supply batteries on request with conductors of the required length and required connectors

 For any additional questions, please contact our specialists.

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