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Chip Shortage
Dear Nostris Customers

 The world continues to flare up the crisis with the supply of electronic components, which has already received its own name - "Chip Shortage".
 The word "shortage" suddenly became a reality for the entire high-tech industry in the world. For a large number of electronic components, delivery times are already in excess of 50 weeks and are continuing to grow.

 In 2019/2020, a whole combination of factors triggered the deficit. At first, due to lockdowns, some production facilities were closed or not fully operational. Logistics and raw material chains began to disintegrate. The US sanctions against China also hit the market. Companies from the PRC, concerned that they would be deprived of semiconductors, began to buy them at an accelerated pace and stopped selling most of the chips produced there outside the country, which affected the availability of these products. And finally, a fire in March 2021, at a plant in Japan that produces more than 30% of chip substrates. This not only hit the large chip manufacturers, but also practically stopped all small production, since the primary shipment of substrates is made to large monopolists. According to the manufacturers, it will not be possible to handle the shortage of substrates until the beginning of 2023.

Therefore, we ask everyone to take into account the current situation and submit applications for at least a six-month production program. We strongly advise not to wait until the last second, please analyze your needs and order the components well in advance.

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