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ADC from Nuvoton - NAU7802SGI
 We’d like to offer you 2-channel 24-bit ADC from Nuvoton - NAU7802SGI

 This microcircuit is an ideal solution for sensors connected in a bridge circuit. Microcontroller interface - I2C. The case is SOP16.
 Applications: weighing equipment, strain gauges, voltage monitoring, flow meters.

Brief technical specifications:
 Bit depth - 24 bit (23-bit ENOB - Effective Number of Bits)
  • Programmable sensitivity - 1-128
  • RMS noise level:
    50nV in ADC data output rate @ 10 SPS, PGA Gain @ 128
    150nV in ADC data output rate @ 80 SPS, PGA Gain @ 128
  • Programmable power consumption - 1 uA STANBY
  • Interface with microcontroller - I2C
  • Supply voltage range - 2.7-5.5 Volts
  • Operating temperature range - -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C

 A detailed description of the microcircuit on the manufacturer's website:

 For more information, please contact

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