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Company Nostris is the official distributor of Ariose Electronics from now
Ariose Electronics Co., Ltd is a reliable, well-developed and professional manufacturer of electronic acoustic products, providing buzzer, speaker, microphone, piezoelectric ceramic elements and so on.
 From now, we are the official distributor of Ariose Electronics and are pleased to present you the full range of products.
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Transformers TRA6127ANL
 Flyback transformers TRA6127ANL are ready for the order
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LCD indicator BSG3701-01
 We would like to offer you character LCD display with ultra-low power consumption BSG3701-01.
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Graphic indicator with built-in backlight BGG128128-05A
 We want to offer you an affordable graphic indicator with built-in illumination BGG128128-05A.
 Technical information on the link
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LCD indicator EC2004A1SBX6B-J0
 Now it is possible to order LCD indicator EC2004A1SBX6B-J0, a full analog of the indicator RC2004C-YHY-CSX, with increased brightness of the backlight.
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Nuvoton Product Catalog
 Nuvoton Technology Corporation, updated its product catalog for 2018
 The catalog can be downloaded from the link:
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Graphic indicator RDT06569-IE
 We would like offer you an inexpensive graphic indicator with built-in illumination RDT06569-IE.
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