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Price reduction of the relay series HF43 and HF46
 We would like to inform you about the price reduction for the entire range of small-sized relays series HF43 and HF46
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Wi-Fi modules ESP-WROOM-02
 The warehouse received Wi-Fi modules from Espressif Systems ESP-WROOM-02
 The technical documentation is located at:
19.07.17 More >>>

Graphic TFT Indicators
 We have received samples of new graphic TFT indicators on our Warehouse
 Color graphic 7 "TFT indicator 800xRGBx480, with capacitive touch pad, without controller, with RGB interface, dimensions 164.9 x 100.0 x 5.22 mm, visible area 154.08 x 85.90 mm, backlight is LED White
 Color graphic 7 "TFT indicator 1024хRGBх600, with capacitive touchpad, without controller, with RGB interface, overall dimensions 164.90 x 100.00 x 4.45 mm, visible area 154.214 x 85.92 mm, backlight is LED White
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The SIMCOM SIM868E module!
 Company SIMCOM Wireless Solutions is announced release of upgraded GSM / GPRS + GNSS + BT module SIM868.
 New P/N is SIM868E. The main difference is supporting Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.
27.06.17 More >>>

LoRaWAN networks
 It is impossible to build a LoRaWAN network without a central hub-gateway that communicates with a huge number of client devices.
 We bring to your attention the most budgetary version: the module of the LoRaWAN hub RHF0M301 from RisingHF company, based on the SX1301 and which provides multichannel processing of incoming data packets. The module is an analogue of the well-known IC880A and is controlled by any one-board SPI computer.
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Samples of plastic cases!
 We inform you that we are expanding the range of supplied plastic cases.
 Now on the warehouse there are samples of plastic cases: HF-L-44, HF-L-56, HF-L-57.
 You can ask our specialists more about this product.
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Microcontroller N79E844AWG from Nuvoton company
 Nostris company offers miniature microcontrollers N79E844AWG from Nuvoton company at a tiny price in a miniature housing TSSOP-20.
 High noise immunity, protection against electrostatic voltages and impulse discharges (8KV ESD, 4KV EFT).
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