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 A brand-new module from ESPRESSIF - ESP32-S2-WROOM-I - already available to order.
ESP32-S2 can be applied in various fields and applications. These are home automation systems, IoT devices, POS terminals, industrial automation systems, robotics.
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Fuzetec varistors
 The FUZETEC company, of which we are distributors, is expanding its range of products. And we are ready to offer you overvoltage protection components - VARISTORS
 If you are interested in these products, please contact our specialists.
 Link to download the catalog:
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New A7670X
 Although there is still a lot of time before the end of the era of 2G modules, it is worth to start thinking about the future now.
 To facilitate the transition to new standards and minimize costs, we offer you a brand new module 2G (GSM) + 4G (LTE) modules of the CAT1 standard - A7670E and A7670SA
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Приглашаем Вас на вебинары
 07.07.2020 года (Вт) и 09.07.2020 года (Чт) в 11:00, по UTC/GMT +3, приглашаем Вас на вебинары.

 07.07.2020 - Современные микроконтроллеры компании Nuvoton, сравнение, рекомендации, применение.
 09.07.2020 – Новое поколение модулей SIMCOM – A7670x, для замены устаревающей 2G серии.

 Ссылка для входа в вебинар:

 Просим Вас обязательно зарегистрироваться.
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Nuvoton Connection 2020 May
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Miniature Graphic OLED Indicator 128x64 0.96 ” I²C
 We want to offer you an inexpensive graphical OLED indicator with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels 0.96 inches diagonally with I? C interface.
 The indicator has a very wide range of applications. Ideal for miniature designs with low energy consumption and can be used in makeshift designs, technical creativity, industrial and automotive devices, etc. Software support (drivers) is available for almost all applications, including the popular Arduino boards.
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Audio amplifiers with digital and analog input
 Nuvoton company offers a wide range of audio amplifiers with digital and analog input.
 Digital input amplifiers can directly interface with Nuvoton microcontrollers that have an I2S interface. This will eliminate the use of an external codec.
 Pay attention to products that meet the requirements of AEC-Q100 - components that can be used in harsh automotive conditions, without additional qualification tests.
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