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Nuvoton Connection 2020 May
 NuMaker-IoT-M487 (1) Get Started with Mbed OS
 Get Started with Mbed OS on the Nuvoton IoT development platform, NuMaker-IoT-M487, powered by a Cortex-M4 microcontroller.
 NuMaker-IoT-M487 (2) Control LED and Buttons on Mbed OS
 How to use Mbed OS on the NuMaker-IoT-M487 development board to control LED and buttons.
 NuMaker-IoT-M487 (3) Use Wi-Fi on Mbed OS
 How to use Wi-Fi with Mbed OS on the NuMaker-IoT-M487 development board.
 Connecting to Multi-Cloud on NuMaker IoT Platform
 The rich features of NuMaker IoT platforms have been certified by several RTOS and clouds. In this video, we introduce the NuMaker-IoT-M487 development board, supported OS and clouds, and an IoT demonstration.
 Automotive Data Logger Demo
 Automotive Data Logger consists of NuMicro® NUC131 microcontroller and N9H30 microprocessor. NUC131 supports CAN Bus to log On-Board Diagnostics-II (OBD-II) data, which includes vehicle velocity, engine RPM, engine coolant temperature, the temperature in a car from the engine control unit (ECU) emulator. Then NUC131 converts the OBD-II raw data and transmits the above information to N9H30 by UART. N9H30 shows the received information on 7” TFT-LCD human-machine interface enhanced by emWin.
 M235x AMI 2.0 Smart Meter
 This short video clip introduces a real smart meter design in starting volume deployment in South Korea. A real meter machine and mobile phone APP show the auto meter reading online.
 Automating your industry by Nuvoton Arm9 solution
 An HMI and RTU industrial automation solution demo which is designed by Nuvoton’s partner. Nuvoton NUC970 series supports 2D Graphic and RGB 24-bit LCD display interface. With different LQFP package and DRAM embedded, NUC970 provides a solution platform for HMI products. NUC980 series does not have a graphic engine but supports up to 10 UARTs with DMA mode. Using DMA mode can reduce CPU loading and provides a better computing requirement. NUC980 series also supports different wireless modules. It is suitable for Industrial IoT applications.
 DALI Digital Lighting Control Solution
 The NDA102 DALI digital lighting control solution is based on Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) technology developed by Digital illumination interface alliance (DiiA). This solution includes DALI protocol libraries from Nuvoton and have been tested. Nuvoton is a DiiA associate member and has successful experiences for DALI product certification.
 China's new infrastructure project: soaring in 5G with Nuvoton
 5G is one of the most important infrastructures among the seven fields of China’s new infrastructure; from upstream to downstream and from equipment to application, not only is there support by the government, but every manufacturer on the market is also very anxious. Nuvoton’s microcontrollers range from 8-bit, M0, M23, M4 to Arm9, and have wide product coverage, so how can we find opportunities in the 5G infrastructure?
 M480 Security Function - XOM eXecute-Only-Memory
 XOM (eXecute-Only-Memory) is a secure zone of the ROM used to save secure application instructions; the memory address where these instructions are located prohibits any type of data access from the AHB bus and can only be executed by the CPU. Users can use standard program memory programming instructions to call functions (APIs) to execute the program codes saved in the XOM zone, but these contents cannot be accessed through any other means, as shown in the figure below:
 Image capture CCAP – Using the Cortex-M4 M483KGCAE2A Microcontroller
 The NuMicro® M480 series microcontroller M483KGCAE2A is based on the Arm® Cortex®-M4F kernel; when its operating frequency reaches as high as 192MHz, its operating current can reach as low as 130 µA/MHz, and the RTC standby current is only 500 nA. It supports the DSP instruction set and has integrated the Floating-Point Unit (FPU); its flash memory capacity is 256KB and supports eXecute-Only-Memory (XOM) used to protect program codes or data. The SRAM capacity is 128 KB and supports full Retention or partial Retention under standby mode; retaining 32 KB SRAM content only requires 10 µA, meeting the need of being low power.
 M483KGCAE2A has a built-in image capturing module; the transmission interface supports CCIR656, CCIR601, and many other different types of data formats. It also has a binary 1-bit brightness calculation to reduce the use of the internal memory, as well as the hardware shrink function that allows faster execution of image reduction. When a high-specification camera is used, there are also hardware screen cropping and hardware frame rate reduction functions built-in that allows setting of the received image size and frame rate, so that data wouldn’t be unable to be received due to too much data. It also has direct memory access (DMA) to help data transmission and achieve the effect of reducing CPU load.
 With the function described above, along with image recognition algorithm and DSP, M483KGCAE2A can capture digital signs from images and identify them; it is suitable for digital image recognition such as smart water meters and vehicle license plate identification, etc.
 You need a 24/7 employee during the epidemic – NUC980 dynamic environmental monitoring unit
 During the traditional era when there was no internet connection, to ensure that the devices deployed in different environments were normal, enterprises had to send employees to each website for routine inspection, maintenance, and component replacement regularly. If problems occurred during non-inspection times, the abnormalities usually could not be discovered first handedly and be eliminated, losing precious time and causing operating loss. Nowadays where everything is connected, dynamic environmental monitoring systems can explain the operating status of enterprise monitoring systems all year round; not only can on-site data be acquired in real-time, early warnings and immediate responses can also be achieved, providing more comprehensive and efficient management practices for enterprises.
 Advanced Metering Infrastructure Applications
 Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is the core infrastructure for developing smart grids; smart metering systems with networking capabilities can display information in real-time, allowing users and the power company to both grasp the electricity usage status of the region and perform optimization management based on the usage scenarios. Users can view the data recorded by the electric meter at any time through a mobile APP or computer to adjust their uses of appliances and reduce unnecessary expenditures; they can also safely monitor the electricity usage of their homes while they go to work or go out. Power company personnel can also check whether the usage status is normal from a remote location, and the accumulated data can be applied in Big Data to analyze the electricity usage of different regions to find the most suitable power-saving and power-dispatching solutions. It is indispensable and important infrastructure for pushing demand response as well as power management.
 Nuvoton's low power M251 series is an excellent choice during product shortages
 Due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in Europe and America, the delivery dates for many of the microcontroller manufacturers around the world have been extended from four months to eight months, and the prices are also rising. These might not improve until the end of the year; therefore it is relatively important to choose a microcontroller manufacturer whose supply cycle is not affected by the environment. Many companies developed a sense of urgency due to the outbreak of this epidemic, and Nuvoton is an excellent choice when you are having product shortages.

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