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Miniature Graphic OLED Indicator 128x64 0.96 ” I²C

Dear Clients of Nostris

 We want to offer you an inexpensive graphical OLED indicator with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels 0.96 inches diagonally with I? C interface.

 The indicator has a very wide range of applications. Ideal for miniature designs with low energy consumption and can be used in makeshift designs, technical creativity, industrial and automotive devices, etc. Software support (drivers) is available for almost all applications, including the popular Arduino boards.

 Available indicators of two versions:
  1. glow color - blue PCB)-SPEC.pdf
  2. glow color - yellow (16 lines) + blue (48 lines)

Brief characteristics of the indicator:
  Resolution: 128 x 64 pixels;
  Visible area 23.744 x 13.204 mm;
  SSD1306 controller;
  Interface - I²C;
  The size of the indicator is 27.5 x 27.8 x 2.6

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